Big Tobacco has brainwashed children for decades – preparing them to be smokers by selling candy smokes and “Big League Chew”

Many of our worst habits we learn from our parents, older siblings or wild friends growing up, but other crutches we simply pick up and adopt from sinister advertising that draws us in and tempts us with clever forms of “poisonous apples.” As if it wasn’t bad enough that doctors endorsed smoking for decades back in the 1930s and 40s, saying cigarettes were good for your health and were physician tested, candy manufacturers were allowed to make fake sugar-stick cigarettes by the 1950s, and bubble gum imitation chewing tobacco by the 1970s, and then market all of this directly to children. How much more absurd can it get?

Hey, for the price of a nickel, you too can be “Just like Dad” and smoke yourself into lung cancer and early death! That’s what it read right on the pack of candy cigarettes – “Just like Dad.” You can still buy imitation cancer sticks today. The brands include Kings, Target, Stallion, and Lucky Lights. It’s “nostalgic” candy and it’s “fat free!” Imagine that, you can practice smoking as a child so you’ll be ready by middle school to start the real thing that contains nicotine (the third most addictive drug in the world behind cocaine and heroin), ammonia, fiberglass, bleach and pesticides.

Candy makers consulted cigarette manufacturers to LURE children

Candy makers literally worked with the cigarette companies to lure children into smoking cancer sticks. “Candy sticks” teach kids to act cool and be like the real smokers. With white confectioners powdered sugar on the end, you could actually blow out and make it look like you were exhaling smoke. Perfect training for the children to learn the behaviors of a deadly habit that will likely kill them 10 to 20 years early. Just have your child hold that thin white candy stick between their two fingers, suck back and exhale. It’s that easy to practice for becoming a real smoker who will soon suffer from emphysema, COPD, cancer, tooth and gum decay, shriveling skin, halitosis, loss of vision, loss of taste, loss of hearing and so much more.

No, it’s not enough for the children of today to be eating candy that’s made from toxic sugar that’s genetically modified to kill worms and weeds. It’s not enough that doctors are prescribing infants, children and teens with dangerous, experimental SSRI drugs for anxiety and depression (any emotion qualifies for this now). It’s not enough that hot dogs and deli meats are loaded with nitrates and nitrites that are proven carcinogenic. Here in America, corporations are allowed to temp children with horrific habits that lead to their ultimate health demise.

More than 800 million pouches of Big League Chew bubble gum sold, mostly to children, since 1977

Yes. Then there’s Big League Chew. Founded by a former pitcher of the Portland Mavericks named Rob “Nellie” Nelson, Big League Chew is manufactured by Ford Gum & Machine Co. and was first introduced in 1977, selling over 800 million pouches of imitation chewing tobacco to people “of all ages” ever since. Now they mass market to children who are NBA fans using the retired and infamous Shaquille O’Neal, who endorses and advertises on TNT his own version of the supersized product – featuring the “Shaq size Big League Chew.”

Now junk science and the biotech fraudsters are pushing pesticide-laden GMOs on kids by “educating” them about the “safety and efficacy” of Frankenfoods at Disney World as the “Living with the Land” exhibit. What’s next… imitation vaccine lollypops? Hey kids, check out the new “flu-pops” – you just put on a doctor or nurse uniform, suck on the needle-pop candy ’til it’s super sharp, and then jab it into your friend’s arms – cause it’s got genetically modified sugary-serum for building immunity! (Don’t try this at home, only under direct supervision from an M.D.)

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