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09/25/2018 / By Ethan Huff

Modern American society is a disgrace from the standpoint of how most people treat the environment. All politics aside, the

09/24/2018 / By Rhonda Johansson

New research from Cancer Council Victoria and the University of Melbourne has concluded that the long-term consumption of sugary soft

09/24/2018 / By Tracey Watson

In March 2011, the province of Fukushima, Japan, was struck by a series of devastating events that culminated in one

09/21/2018 / By Vicki Batts

While many people know that non-natural food dyes are something to be avoided, the truth is that their history and

09/20/2018 / By Ralph Flores

Smoking wreaks genetic damage to different organs of the body and causes mutations in the DNA. Researchers at the Wellcome

09/20/2018 / By Jessica Dolores

Oral health is essential to wellness: Cavity-free teeth and healthy gums are less prone to infection and disease. Bacteria can’t

09/18/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where our country’s most scientifically literate families are avoiding vaccines like the plague. Meanwhile,

09/18/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Did you know that inflammation is simply a defense mechanism where your system recognizes irritants, pathogens, and damaged cells in

09/18/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Interested in feeding the world and helping farmers become more prosperous with sustainable crops? Boycott evil Monsanto. Searching for the

09/17/2018 / By S.D. Wells

There’s one thing that most major cancer foundations and cancer drive organizations never mention when “searching for the cure” or

09/17/2018 / By Russel Davis

High cholesterol and rising blood sugar levels are not the only trade-offs people get from eating their favorite fast food

09/16/2018 / By Ralph Flores

A high-fat diet can make the cells of your intestinal lining prone to cancer, according to a study published in

09/15/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Ever wonder why one third of all Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime, even though hardly anyone

09/15/2018 / By RJ Jhonson

Toxins are everywhere – even inside your home. The average American spends about 90 percent of their time indoors, and